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Who is this Facebook group for?

Just in case you did not know what the Facebook group is all about, here is a condensed explanation. I am a Respiratory Therapist with 25 years of experience and an Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist and use unique breathing principles unknown to most. I help those with Sleep Apnea, low sleep quality, and those who snore to sleep peacefully, and safely and breathe effortlessly without looking like Darth Vader.

 So if having a significant shift in your bedtime breathing problems or daytime breathing difficulty without spending another dime on the latest pill, potion, or lotion is not what you are looking for, then this Facebook is not for you.

I would only recommend joining us if you prefer to discover the secrets to sleeping peacefully without using unnatural sleeping aides to resolve your breathing problems.

The Secret to Kicking Your Nighttime Breathing Difficulty to the Curb.

Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist

Healthy Nighttime Sleep Hacks Which Help You Sleep Like a Hibernating Bear

Jamal W.

Long Island, NY



️️️️The Buteyko Breathing is one of the best things that has changed my family and I life for the better. from a wealth of information care and compassion Fred Brown took the time to educate me to a greater healthier me.

Under his supervision and Coordination with my doctors I went from sleep apnea using a sleep machine to no longer needing it or use it for that matter plus high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes to low even to the point I'm no longer on some of the medicine.

With great fulness Thank you..I strongly recommend his service.

Jose C.

Schertz, TX


Only after a few weeks of using the Buteyko Breathing Method I have turned my lifelong struggle with asthma completely around. My counselor Fred Brown has been a great coach in teaching me not only what was causing my asthma but that the main culprit is my improper breathing. In the last 3 years my asthma had taken a turn for the worse and the only thing my pulmonologist could do for me was to prescribe one steroid after another. I hated taking so much steroids.

I had made up my mind to seek out natural alternatives and my brother actually told me about the Buteyko Method, it has been a God sent for me. Better sleep, more energy, no steroids and especially no asthma!

Barbara A.

Long Island, NY


I began working with Fred about a month ago. Already I see some improvement in my body aches, fatigue, jaw pain , anxiety and sleep.

He is an excellent teacher making the Buteyko breathing simple and easy to follow and practice! He is also compassionate and encouraging! I made my first consultation with Fred to learn if the Buteyko method could help me despite the fact that I don’t have asthma!

He explained how the breath is key to overall health and also addressed in many other traditions. Do yourself a favor and make a consultation with Fred to see if Buteyko method can help you. It’s one of the wisest things I have done for my health!

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